It’s Nice That

This project is my winning entry into the 2013 D&AD student design competition. The brief was all about creating an artefact, or any kind, that It's Nice That, a company that showcases the best student and professional graphic design work from around the world, could use to show people what they do. They wanted us to bare in mind that they were a small business and their budget would not be overly excessive. They also wanted the piece to be able to be interactive for students, and to be suitable for use around universities and campuses. My idea for the newspaper started as a postcard. The postcard would have a hole cut out of it, acting as a frame. Students would be able to look through it and take pictures of themselves with the It's Nice That branding on the frame. These would then be able to be mailed in to It's Nice That via a QR code, and the best would be picked to be featured in the quarterly magazine that they produce. After much consideration and prototyping the product it's self didn't seem strong enough in terms of showcasing their work, and I felt like it didn't meet the brief. Thats when the idea of a newspaper came about. Something that could easily be introduced to university campuses, they're cheap to produce in bulk, and would allow lots of room for information about It's Nice That. I tried to keep the concept of the postcard by creating a postcard shape on the front cover, almost looking into the newspaper before you've even opened it.