Research Matters

Research Matters, LLC are a small, women-owned and operated research organization. They design and execute quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods research projects that result in insights and actionable solutions. For this project I worked extensively alongside a graphic designer to create a custom Wordpress site for the clients. We designed wireframes for three stages of the design process to ensure the client felt their message was being communicated properly. 

Above was the first stage of wire-framing for the project. Outlining an initial layout for the clients based on the information they had given me. Here we managed to iron out any immediate issues they may have had and made sure the site flowed in a cohesive manner.

These are the final two rounds of wireframes we created before moving on to developing the website. This client had a clear vision in mind of what they wanted their site to portray, so it was essential that we created concise mockups and wireframes to ensure their goal was met.