It’s Nice That

It's Nice That has always been a beacon for both student and professional designers, offering a platform where creativity is both celebrated and nurtured. When I approached the D&AD design competition, my goal was to craft a publication that would not only display the works featured by It's Nice That but also embody their core values and commitment to the design community. Drawing inspiration directly from their website, I designed the It's Nice That newspaper, a tangible representation of their dedication to the arts.

The central theme of my design was 'exposure'—to illuminate the ethos and fervor for creativity that It's Nice That champions. Choosing to print on newspaper material was a deliberate decision, symbolizing the practical financial considerations of a business of this scale without compromising on style and aesthetic appeal. This project was my way of echoing the accessible yet high-quality ethos that It's Nice That represents, marrying cost-effectiveness with elegant design.